The teaching staff is always improving their proficiency. In particular PhD and Senior English Instructor O.M. Lytvyniuk has recently participated in two conferences and two webinars. The first conference had the name Virtual Media Literacy Institute: Engaging Students with Media Literacy, sponsored by the RELO Office of the United States Embassy in Kyiv, and took place on December 12 and 19 2020. It was about how to avoid plagiarism and keep academic integrity where the presenters shared useful information how to teach students using media sources. The special second conference Honesty, Trust, Unity: Academic Integrity & Education in a Globalized World took place virtually on February 1-4, 2021. The organizers of the conference were The Regional English Language Office in Kyiv, in partnership with the TESOL-Ukraine, the English Teachers’ Association of Georgia, and International Black Sea University, (Ukraine, Moldova and the Caucasus). The aim of the conference is to open a discussion about the history and future of academic integrity in the region and to share practical approaches for building a culture of academic integrity, both at the classroom and administrative level. It featured workshops, presentations, and panels, as well as opportunities to network and engage with other educators. O.M. Lytvyniuk attended two webinars (December 20 and 23, 2020) which were organized by Oxford University Press and they were about successful preparation for exams and how to make students’ learning effective and enjoyable by means of gamification.

The teaching staff is always improving their proficiency